The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign

The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign

One of the most inspiring things about The 100 (Why haven’t you watched it yet?) is how the different characteristics of the people do not affect their means of survival.  Everyone could be a victim and the very thought of it shakes us to the core.  It’s not always the most positive, or the most preferred.  Yet, another inspiration from The 100 is the tremendous amount of awareness from the fandom and the cast that is both derived from the series and their personal aspects.  The themes of the series circulate things in everyday life but are often shadowed.  Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, mental illness, PTSD, disability, LGBT, addiction, and environment all need to be brought into the light.  The more that we learn, educate, experience, and make aware of these issues, the more help, fundamentals, and resources they will receive.  Not only is it essential in our present lives, but for the future as well.

Grounders Source is proud to announce its first ever charity project that will raise awareness for disabilities.  The project, appropriately named, “The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign” is influenced and inspired by the disabled characters on The 100, and by the Grounders Source runner, who was born with a rare disability.

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Jasper Jordan

Jasper Jordan: Mental Illness Becomes Real

In reflection of tonight’s all new episode of The 100, entitle The Other Side,  I have written a piece about one of the main characters, Jasper Jordan.  In the article, it surmises his struggle with mental illness, and how Devon Biostick projected him so well in the series.  Please read on and let me know what you think.  *The following piece will contain discussions of mental illness and suicide.  Reader and viewer discretion is strongly advised.*

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Eliza Taylor And Isla

Eliza Taylor And Isla

Many of you has helped Eliza Taylor raise $100,000 to build a non-profit school in Thailand so that the children there can have the opportunity to learn and have a great education.  It was a success, and now the children can have a future.  There is no easy way to word this, but her little friend, Isla who lives in Thailand has leukemia.  As blunt and terrible as that sounds, there is a ray of hope for this brave little girl.

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Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie Avgeropoulos Attends The 2017 Cadillacs Oscars Celebration

Looking classy in a black jumpsuit, Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake) attended The Cadillac’s 89th Annual Academy Awards Celebration in Los Angeles.   It took place on February 23rd.   I have uploaded over seventy HQ photos from the event in the gallery.  Please enjoy!

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#UnitedForever: Unity Days 2017

The weekend was truly a memorable one as fans and cast from all around the globe came to Unity Days 2017 to celebrate The 100 as a whole.  I cannot even begin on describing the positivity and love that it brought.  For me, it was a journey to find myself and to realize that life can be spectacular, even in the darkest corners.  It was an event that would be “#UnitedForever.

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The Big Thing Special Olympics Campaign

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that many people have been struggling with their own self-identity, and wondering if there is going to be a fragment of hope.  This goes for all of us, as we grow and learn from life’s experiences and occurrences.   I, for one, struggled with my own self worth, and never fully accepted myself until I was in college.

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Today (12,20) is Bobby Morley’s 31st birthday!  Make sure that you wish this very special and talented man a very special birthday on Twitter!  He

truly deserves it!  Plus, a few of The 100 fans sent in pieces for his birthday, and I have collaborated them into a poster!







It is pretty basic, but I think it truly gets the message out.