The 100 Season Three Trailer & First Four Analysis

The 100 season three trailer dropped us with twists and turns, and a mountain of questions that left our jaws dropped.  Certain critics and writers received the first four episodes, to analyze and to aware fans of what is to be expected, or not.  Scoping out and figuring what they evaluated, I have broken it down into the important pieces.   These are considered slight spoilers, so please read at your own risk.


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The 100 Wanheda Part One Promo Photos

Today, (December 28th) fourteen glorious promotional photos of the first episode of The 100 season three, Wanheda Part One, was released by the CW Network.  I have received them in wonderful high quality.  They all seem to have a very mysterious effect, as everyone appears staunch and stoic and no smiles.  I actually like Clarke’s new Grounder look, but I have a feeling that is only temporary.  I have also observed that there is no Bellamy and Lexa in the pictures.  Yet, that could possibly mean that their roles are more prominent and they didn’t want to draw any more attention to them.

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Today (12,20) is Bobby Morley’s 31st birthday!  Make sure that you wish this very special and talented man a very special birthday on Twitter!  He

truly deserves it!  Plus, a few of The 100 fans sent in pieces for his birthday, and I have collaborated them into a poster!







It is pretty basic, but I think it truly gets the message out.