#UnitedForever: Unity Days 2017

The weekend was truly a memorable one as fans and cast from all around the globe came to Unity Days 2017 to celebrate The 100 as a whole.  I cannot even begin on describing the positivity and love that it brought.  For me, it was a journey to find myself and to realize that life can be spectacular, even in the darkest corners.  It was an event that would be “#UnitedForever.

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The Big Thing Special Olympics Campaign

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that many people have been struggling with their own self-identity, and wondering if there is going to be a fragment of hope.  This goes for all of us, as we grow and learn from life’s experiences and occurrences.   I, for one, struggled with my own self worth, and never fully accepted myself until I was in college.

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The 100 Season Three Live Tweeting

With only two days from the much anticipated premiere of The 100‘s third season, social media has been ABUZZ with fan and cast frenzy.  It will only elevate when Thursday night comes around, and many more after the 21st.

Layne Morgan, the PA for The 100, has posted the cast and writers’ Twitter handles so that people can easily follow and initiate.

I have the handles here, in case anyone missed it.



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NEW Upcoming 2016 Convention Events

I have some very exciting news for The 100 fans who reside in the UK, Brasil, and Germany.  Five of the male cast members will be attending different conventions to promote the show, and to interact with the fans.  How awesome is that?  Below are the events and who is going to what specific event.

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