The 100 The Warriors Will Recap-Review

The 100 The Warriors Will provided us an incredible inside glimpse of addictions.  Not only do we see how the affected the addict, but those closest and around them.  Plus, a relationship so severed that it may not be repairable.  Ah! My little heart.  Anyways, here is the review for The 100 The Warriors Will.  *I apologize for its tardiness.*

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The 100 Red Queen

The 100 Red Queen Top 5 OMGs

The 100 Red Queen gave us plenty of bone-chilling and blood-curdling scenes to analyze and observe, along with some tears.  It was one of the best The 100 episodes by far (despite the violence), and it catapulted a new style of writing television.  Whilst there were some very iconic moments, only five made it to be an OMG.  Can you guess what they were?  Do not fret if you can’t, because they’ll be listed below!

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The 100 Eden

The 100 Eden Recap-Review

April 24th was the premiere of The 100 Eden, the fifth season opener.  Finally, our beloved heroes-and new enemies have returned and been presented, and the story continues on.  It was a triumph for tv, and more is to come.  To tide you over until the next episode, here is my official review of Eden.  Be aware that it contains major spoilers-so if you have not seen the episode yet, please refrain.

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The 100 Season 5

A Preview Of The 100 Season 5

In seven days, a mere week–The 100 will air its fifth season premiere of Eden.  Yes, I know it has been a very long wait, eleven months to be exact since Praimfaya, but that wait is nearly over and we will be absorbed in a new expedition of our characters and dynamic narratives.  I have held off on spoilers-and unfortunately, you will not find any major ones here.  I am going to try to keep the preview spoiler-free as much as possible.  Yet, I will keep it exciting and edgy in preparation for the upcoming season.  There are vague spoilers below, so if you do not want to continue, please feel free to disembark.

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ConAgeddon Ships Out To Boston

The United States premiere of The 100 convention, ConAgeddon had its debut in the city of Boston over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  The two-night, two-day event, pieced together by The 100 cast themselves, and the dedicated ConAgeddon team who hope to deliver exclusivity and intimate, one-on-one appreciation and life event for the fandom–and they have done it.  Very successfully.

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The 100

The 100 Season 5: Why The Wait?

Without a doubt, The 100 has proved itself time and time again to be one of the most successful shows on television.  It pushes the brink of traditional narratives to deliver a  powerful and potent message.   It has several and meaningful messages-but it all strips down to one-survival. The 100 just does not only entertains its dedicated fanbase and its viewers but creates an electrifying brainstorm to synchronize with its plot.  That staple is what makes the drama unique, and sets it apart from others.  But with the 2018 new year now in force, the fifth season is set to premiere-but when?

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Christmas Inheritance

@MisElizaJane Glows In Christmas Inheritance

This past weekend, Christmas Inheritance premiered on the streaming service Netflix, starring Eliza Taylor.  While the movie is your typical-run-of-the-mill holiday leisure, Eliza was the one who made it delightful and fun.  See my review below about Christmas Inheritance *The following article contains spoilers.*

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The 100

The 100 Hiatus Survival Tips: What To Do Until S5

So, we are in the fifth month of The 100 hiatus, a long and excruciating time break (Nine months) between the fourth season finale and fifth premiere, and we are slowly losing our well-organized minds.   We are active on social media, trying to make the time go quicker.  But sometimes, that simply is not enough.  Alas, though, there are other fun and unique ways to survive.  Want to learn the tips?  Well, continue below!

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