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Bobby Morley To Attend The Super MegaFest Comic Con November 21st-22nd 2015

Bob Morley, who stars as Bellamy Blake on the CW’s sci-fi show, The 100 will be appearing at the 2015 Super Megafest Comic Con November 21st-22nd in Framingham, Mass.  Framingham is located 23 miles west of Boston.  It was just

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The 100 Cast Talks ‘Safe Sex’ In A Post-Apocalyptic World

At Comic Con earlier this year, Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), and Ricky Whittle (Lincoln the Grounder) all sat down to speak about ‘positive sex‘ in a post-catastrophic earth.  Watch and listen to what they have to

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Gallery Update!

The gallery of Grounders Source is eternally growing!  I have uploaded lots of lovely photos during the past week.  Gallery updates will now be done weekly.  Here are the new albums and additions! ∞ Bobby Morley Attends ‘Blinder‘ Premiere in

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Dragon Con 2015

 For those who are attending the 2015  Dragon Con September 4th to September 7th (this upcoming weekend) in Atlanta, GA, be sure that you check out Bob Morley’s, Richard Harmon’s, and Christopher Larkin’s sessions.  Be sure to take fan photos