The 100

The 100 Heads To Comic-Con 2017

The 100 will be heading to Comic-Con 2017 in just a few short weeks!  This will be the fifth year for the post-apocalyptic drama, and once again, a “fan-storm”  will take place in the panel room. Although season five will not be visible until January 2018, you can bet that there will be plenty of enthusiasm and questions circulating about.  And let’s not forget the cosplays!  Warner Brothers has released its annual release of the event, including panel information earlier today.

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Con-Geda A The 100 Convention

Con-Geda A The 100 Convention By The Fans For The Fans

If you have ever been to a convention filled with fellow passionate fans, then you know just how fun, exciting, and life-changing it can be.  Interacting and bonding with your favorite talent from a show is also a big bonus!  

What if there was a convention that was designed by a fandom for that fandom?  Fans engaging with fellow fans to give them what they want at this unique con?  

Well, there is one, and it’s called Con-Geda, a The 100 convention.

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Grounders Podcast

New Grounders Podcast Now Up

The new Grounders podcast is now up for your listening pleasure!  I am recapping Unity Days 2017 in episode eleven, and again, it was so much fun!  Please bear in mind that my voice may be a little unclear due to my impaired hearing.  Enjoy!

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#UnitedForever: Unity Days 2017

The weekend was truly a memorable one as fans and cast from all around the globe came to Unity Days 2017 to celebrate The 100 as a whole.  I cannot even begin on describing the positivity and love that it brought.  For me, it was a journey to find myself and to realize that life can be spectacular, even in the darkest corners.  It was an event that would be “#UnitedForever.

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