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How Prostate Cancer and Testosterone Loss May affect Both Men and Women

by kathleengwin

Most men and women think of it as a man’s disease, but prostate cancer is able to affect both women and men.

Indeed, this particular disease affects most girls who know and love males that have to contend with prostate cancer and its treatment side effects. A lot more than some other cancers, it will adjust intimate personal relationships between males and their partners and spouses. And females are also affected once this cancer and its treatment side effects strike the fathers of theirs, sons, brothers as well as other male relatives and friends.

Prostate Cancer’s Impact on Women

Prostate cancer can affect both men and women in a number of ways. For example, almost all males experience erectile dysfunction (ED) after prostate cancer surgery or radiation. about 70 percent of men develop ED right after surgery, and about 50 % of patients that go through radiotherapy develop ED, generally within three to 5 years after treatment. Exactly how may this fail to get a direct impact not just on them, but on their partners or wives?

When ED or impotence happens, the wives of all numerous survivors have to contend with their spouses’ self-doubts about their manhood. In turn, a man’s loss of self-confidence tends to cut into the intimacy he and his wife once enjoyed. As a prostate cancer survivor, I initially had plenty of self doubts without being informed of it. For that reason I withdrew actually from the wife of mine for weeks after the surgery of mine. And Inspect this page had an adverse impact on both of us.

Together with this particular disease’s effect in decreasing sexual intimacy, lots of females also are affected by their husband’s urinary issues. These issues may be long-term or short-term, as permanent incontinence takes place in 5 percent to 15 percent of men following prostate cancer surgical procedure (radical prostatectomy) or perhaps radiotherapy. A male’s incontinence can be an issue for girls in case they feel forced to clean up after their husbands.

For 2 weeks after my surgery in 2007, the wife of mine lovingly has taken it upon herself to clean the catheter bags of mine. In the following months, when I was still not yet “leak proof,” she put my urine-stained underwear in the washing machine. Even when a lady doesn’t take on a care giving role, she may have trouble dealing with her partner’s self-esteem challenges arising from incontinence.

In spite of the high survival rate for prostate cancer, many females find it disturbing, if not downright frightening, to find out that a male they like has cancer. Women frequently experience anxiety and stress simply knowing that someone they like is under duress.bride

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