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Dangers of Treating Male’s Testosterone and Sperm Levels With Prescription Drugs

by yqwsenaida

Nature has created an effective natural replacement for stimulating testosterone levels for men. Male’s infertility has been tied to low levels of testosterone, among some other factors. Herbal supplementation can raise very low levels of testosterone to regular levels.

Statistics indicate that about thirty % of men who look for treatment for infertility will be found to be experiencing low testosterone levels. This might sound like a simple enough issue to solve, after all you’ll find testosterone health supplements out there. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing low testosterone and hoping to reach a pregnancy with your partner and you merely take a testosterone supplement you are able to actually shut down sperm production completely. In fact you must find something that stimulates the body of yours to make the own testosterone of its. Typically doctors who treat male fertility problems (andrologists) are making use of powerful prescription drugs. A popular prescription drug has generally been employed for treating female fertility problems through ovulation induction. What it operates in men is complicated but primarily it works on the pituitary gland to impact FSH and LH and consequently elevates the generation of testosterone within the body and most likely boost sperm production.

The FDA has only approved this particular medication for treatment in females. While this might be a prosperous treatment in men (though success rates in men are less than in the drug’s treatment for ladies), it is often rather pricey and it is not without side effects. Theses side effects can include temporary blurred vision, breast enlargement and tenderness, and extra weight. In cases that are unusual, clomiphene is able to cause liver damage. It’s common for insurance to not handle this particular drug so you can expect to pay around $500 monthly because of this medication. It is also not unusual for you to require aproximatelly 3 weeks on this particular medication prior to seeing results as it takes approximately 3 weeks due to the body to produce sperm and also have that sperm mature enough for ejaculation and fertilization.

Nature has created a powerful natural alternative to stimulating testosterone levels for males. And even an all natural herbal compound utilized in the type of a suppository is the absolute best and most reliable technique to digest herbal supplements into the body. Since the location of the rectal walls where the suppository is put is just one to 2 inches from the prostate, this results in the prostate getting directly nourished. Hence, testosterone levels are naturally stimulated. However, there are effective organic suppository supplements available that nourish and stimulate your body to create its own testosterone as well as, as an outcome, could have a good effect on the sperm production of yours.

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