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Bob Morley To Guest Star On World’s Funniest Animals

by Evelyn Ulrich
World's Funniest Animals

Heading back to the CW!  Bob Morley, appreciated star of the CW’s own The 100, dog lover, and as well as dog dad, will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the World’s Funniest Animals.  He, alongside his pup Panda and host Elizabeth Stanton will provide commentary and insights on the submitted animal videos that range from the sweet to the hilarious.

The episode will be second in the second season of the World’s Funniest Animals and will debut on Saturday, January 29th on the CW.  Here is the official press release:

BOB MORLEY (“THE 100”) VISITS – We have haywire huskies, gregarious goats, frowning felines, a daring kangaroo, charged chinchillas, and a very cute, but mischievous cat!

This sounds like a group of highly active animals, just waiting for their deserved turn in the spotlight.  After all, animals tend to be the “keys to the heart’ and they live to enlighten every day.   If there are no animals in this world, then survival would be nonexistent.

We can also use more Bob Morley whenever possible. world's funniest animalsAlso joining in the fur and fluff with their own snippets are Brian Cooper, Mikalah Gordon, Maiara Walsh, and Neel Ghosh.

In case you miss the episode, you can always catch it on the CW app the day after the premiere.


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