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Lindsey Morgan To Exit Walker During Season 2

by Evelyn Ulrich
Lindsey Morgan

May your sunset be golden, Ranger Micki Ramirez.  Lindsey Morgan, who portrayed the spitfire Micki Ramirez, (and sassy Raven Reyes on The 100) will be departing Walker sometime in season two.   The decision came from Linsey herself, and not from Warner Brothers or Walker’s network, The CW.

After her seven-year tenure on The 100 as Zero-G mechanic Raven Reyes, Lindey snagged the second-lead role of Micki Ramirez on the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, Walker.  The crime drama also stars Supernatural alum, Jared Padalecki, as Cordell Walker, the emotional, but kind-hearted ranger who just wanted to bring justice for his murdered wife.

The second season premiered this past Thursday.

In an Instagram post, Lindsey announced that she’ll be leaving the series sometime in its second season.

It is with a heavy heart that I have come to the difficult decision to step away from my role as “Micki Ramirez” for personal reasons.

I am extremely grateful to the team at The CW network and CBS Studios, Anna Fricke, the most graceful and compassionate showrunner, Jared Padalecki, a wunder-boss and acting partner-in-crime for fully supporting my decision, while doing everything in their power to make this situation as comfortable as possible.

This decision was entirely my choice and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those involved for their full support and compassion. I have only been treated with the upmost respect, kindness and appreciation from this cast, crew, production, writing team, network and studio. WALKER was one of the safest, professional and joyful sets that I’ve ever experienced and it was truly a privilege to create with Such gems of human beings.

I deeply value my blessed career as an actress, and I love ‘Micki Michelle Floriana Ramirez’ and the heartfelt story of WALKER that we were illustrating around Texas, my hometown and the people you can find there.

If this pandemic taught me one thing, it is that health and well-being are a privilege, and should be our greatest priority. Therefore, I am optimistic towards what this next chapter will bring me and though my heart is breaking to no longer be kicking serious ass ‘TX Ranger style’ week after week on your TVs, I have to do what is best for myself.

I thank you all for your constant support and love over the years, and I urge you to keep tuning in to see the magnificent people on WALKER make more amazing television, as I know I will.

This isn’t goodbye, but an extended break and I hope to return to my career healthier and happier than ever after taking this time off.
May we meet again. With love, Lindsey

It’s unclear at this time how Micki will be written off, given that she was such a strong and integral asset of Walker and its cast.   Or the number she’ll be in.  Lindsey’s weekly performances brought to light and raw talent, and only she can breathe life into the characters that she played.  While it is a huge loss for Walker, Lindsey’s departure was received with nothing but support.

The CW and CBS Studios extended their support -and a possibility for Micki’s return-in a joint statement.

“We respect and support Lindsey Morgan’s decision to step away from her role as a series regular on Walker and wish her only the best,” the network and studio said. “She is a tremendously talented actress who will certainly be missed, and we will, of course, leave the door open for ‘Micki’ to return.”

What’s more is that it is important to focus on overall health and being, with creating a sharper clarity in the process.  For that reason alone, Lindsey deserves nothing but the best life could offer.


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