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The 100 GalaxyCon Panel: What Went Down

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

The 100 may have ended more than seven months ago, but the conversation for the sci-fi drama remains strong.  Last month, GalaxyCon presented fans with a Q&A panel that gave plenty of laughs, plenty of smiles, and reunions.  See what went down and why host Mario Bueno laughed so much.

The 100 Galaxy Con 2021 Panel

At GalaxyCon, The 100 cast shared their most candidThe 100 season 7 available now on DVD and blue-ray.Visit Grounders Source on our website, and give us a fo…

For the most part, the panel was light-hearted and brought back a ton of memories from being on set.  The 100 has some of the most intense behind-the-scenes drama and it would be a lie to deny any experience.

What was Bob Morley’s response to the question, “If you could meet one person-living or dead-who would it be?”  Or what was Jason’s blooper story?  What was Tasya’s favorite episode to film?

If I had to answer the question, “What fandom crossover would you like to see with The 100?”  I’d say I would like to blend The 100 with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  The latter is a period drama set in post-Civil War in the Old West.  How would The 100 survive in the nineteenth century?  That part of humanity was greatly riddled with disease, inequality, and divided social classes, so it would be an interesting twist.  Could you imagine Clarke being a woman doctor in the 1800s when the profession was mostly men?

Or how about Bellamy being a sheriff and bring fair law in order?  It has possibilities.

And just what advice would they give to their ten-year-old selves?  There are some eye-opening stories that the cast reminisced about.

And see what they said about altering the ending.  You all know that I’d change a few things.

For those who missed the panel, fear not as it has been included in this post.  Thanks GalaxyCon for the event!



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