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Eliza Taylor To Star And Produce In It Only Takes A Night

by Evelyn Ulrich
It Only Takes A Night

Back to (showbiz) work!  Eliza Taylor will have a starring role as well as being an executive producer in the upcoming Australian independent film, It Only Takes A Night.  Written by Australian film producer Callan Durlik, (his first feature film)  It Only Takes A Night will be set in London, England but filmed in Perth, Western Australia.

The story reflects a group of four best friends that have a  fun night on the town only to embark on an unexpected path that will forever change them.  One night is all that it takes to transform their lives forever.  As they go through this transformation together, they’ll become a support system, place differences aside, and discover their self-worth and values.

The official statement for It Only Takes One Night:

Set in LondonIt Only Takes A Night makes a statement through four female characters who learn to own their worth, redefine their destinies and support each other despite their differences.

Starring along Eliza will be an ensemble of fellow Australian performers:

  • George Pullar (A Place to Call Home-Australian television drama)
  • Sana’a Shaik (2067)
  • Arielle Carver-O’Neill (Ash vs Evil Dead)
  • Charles Grounds (Crazy Rich Asians)
  • Jaime Ureta (Australian Day)
  • Ana Ika (film debut)

Currently, characters have not yet to be disclosed nor what the “path” will be.  Yet, Taylor is thrilled to be part of a project that focuses on Australian creators, along with being able to produce something close to her heart.  Factually,

“I am so humbled to have the opportunity to produce a film that not only elevates the female voice but showcases Australian actors and film makers.” -Eliza Taylor via Cinema Australia

Aside from her work as an actress (The 100, Christmas Inheritance, Thumper, Neighbours), Taylor is also the board president for Little Hearts Learning-a nonprofit that helps provide better education, breaking poverty, and improving community lifestyles.  Currently, LHL is partnered with KTF (The Kokoda Track Foundation) and will continue to be through 2022.  Many thanks to the supporters and donors, LHL succeeded in their goals in record timing.  Their mission is far from over though.  There are a number of new projects in development that will continue to expand the lifegiving circle in Papua New Guinea.   Bob Morley serves as the board’s secretary.  To learn more about the charity and how to get involved, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Moving forward, It Only Takes A Night is categorized as both a romantic comedy and female empowerment piece.  Surely, there will be plenty of laughs and drama throughout.

Filming will begin in mid-May that’s likely to roll for a few months.   Entertainment media production is restarting as Australia heads into post-pandemic status.   As of right now, there is no premiere or release date.

UPDATE 4.22.21: Eliza’s character in It Only Takes A Night will be named Ruby Allen.  Eliza even gave us a little tease of her character’s new hair on her Instagram today.  Check out her darker hue!

It Only Take A Night

Via Eliza Taylor’s Instagram

What do you think of Eliza’s new movie and her position as an executive producer?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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