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The 100 Memento Mori Preview

Memento Mori

The 100 floats back onto our screens tonight with the sixth episode entitled, Memento Mori.  Written by Alyssa Clark and directed by PJ Pesce, it’s an immediate following of The Ballad of Josephine.  Learn and prepare of what’s to come in this thrilling chapter.

The Sneak Peeks

Here are three sneak peeks that will give glimpses of the narrative of Memento Mori.

Sneak Peek One:  Madi Makes A Friend

Madi is struggling with the visit of the Dark Commander and to put an end to his terrors in her mind and overall being, Gaia wants to take the Flame out.  Josephine isn’t keen on that idea, so she handles it her way.  The problem may get even worse as this will be a condoning for the Dark Commander to continue.

Sneak Peek Two: Traipsing Through The Woods Once More

Octavia and Diyoza will continue their forest footing.  But trouble emerges when the run into Xavier again.  He may not be as bad as he seems though.  He offers help to Octavia, and this may be a light dusting of the potential between them.

Sneak Peek Three

The three women butt heads with Josephine as they learned that Sanctum is not the place to be.  Additionally, Echo expresses great concern for her boyfriend, who is out in the woods alone.

Inside The Episode

Bellamy has reverted back to his Heart Over Head persona and it’ll be a delightful call back to season one.  From his traumatizing encounter with Josephine, his actions will be based on that, and how it’ll serve for the episode’s storyline.


There are some quite impactful stills from the episode.  Both MQ and HQ versions are up in the gallery!


The 100 Memento Mori will air tonight on the CW!

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