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The 100 Season 5 Episode 05×04 Title

The 100 Season 5

The official title of the fourth episode from The 100 season 5 has been released today.  It has a cryptic, and dark theme to it, which is not uncommon for the series.  You can see the title below.

Episode 5×04 named,

Pandora’s Box 

The title is based on Greek mythology, meaning that when you opened a “box” (Zeus gave Pandora a box and instructed her never to open it) of evil, it will cause devastation all around.  I am going to guess that this has something to do with the bunker opening up, and there will be havoc.  Which does make sense, considering that there will be new visitors and the discovery of Clarke’s new mission.

The other released titles of the fifth season are Eden, Sleeping Giants, and Red Queen,

The 100 season 5 is set to premiere in February 2018 on the CW.

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