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The 100 Nominated For An MTV Fandom Award

by Evelyn Ulrich

It is the third year of the MTV Fandom Awards, and The 100 has been nominated for an award!

The 100 has been nominated for the “Fan Freak Out” award.  In season three, that ended on May 19th, beloved character Lexa passed away.  Naturally, LGBT and non-LGBT fans alike were shaken up and devastated about this.  One of the reasons why fans were (are) upset is that Lexa was a beacon of hope for the LGBT community.  Guess what, guys?  She will always will be.  For the non-LGBT fans, she represented that a woman can have it all.

Lexa’s death has been qualified for the MTV Fandom Fan Freak Out Award.  It is appropriately titled, “RIP Lexa.” You can vote daily here: MTV Fandom Awards.  Last year, “Clexa” was nominated in the “Ship of the Year” category, but lost to Arrow’s “Olicity.”

The third annual MTV Fandom Awards will take place on July 24th, the last day of the San Diego Comic Con.

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