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The Top 5 OMG Moments Of Ye Who Enter Here

Each and every one of The 100 episodes has an infinite pool of heart-pounding, breathtaking, and shock accelerated moments that keeps us on our toes.  Ye Who Enter Here is no different.  Here are the top five ‘OMG‘ moments composed from the third episode of season three.



5.  Lexa’s Promise

Clarke bowing down to Lexa during the Coalition Summit was expected, and to honour her new leader. It was witnessed, and was the Unity Day for the Skaikru.  There was even a formal ceremony in which the two leaders wore elaborate gowns, and music.  Yet, later on, there was a twist.  Lexa bowed down to Clarke, dedicating and promising her fealty and protection to her.  Lexa has never done anything like that before to anyone, so it was a  real eye-opener on her reign as Commander.  Do not forget though, that she did betray Clarke at Mt. Weather, so I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt, and hope that she keeps her promise!



  4.  Queen Nia of Azgeda Is Revealed 

At long last, the Queen of the Ice Nation has made her grand debut.  Yet, there is nothing fair about her and she is as cold as the land she rules.  At the end of Ye Who Enter Here, Queen Nia has got her wish of going to war with Lexa and her people, to break the Coalition, and to have Clarke’s ‘Wanheda’ power.  One of her conspirators is the last mountain man, Carl Emerson, who is by her side loyally.   How will everyone cope and get out of this freezing war?




3.  Raven and Sinclair Working Together

I was very glad to see Sinclair again, and this time, he really kicked ass with Raven Reyes!  Not only is he a great mentor for her, but he also has her under his wing.  Raven believes that there is nothing better for her, and uses her disability as a shield.  However, Sinclair tells her otherwise and convinces her to get the surgery Abby offered.  As Sinclair chased the Mt. Weather assassin outside, Raven followed. Just when the creepy killer from Ice Nation was about to kill him, Raven shoots the assassin in perfect aim.  Unfortunately, Mt. Weather fell to crumbles, thanks to the assassin, and Sinclair and Raven are the only survivors.


2.  The Death Of Gina

I have not developed a likening or disliking to Gina, Bellamy’s girlfriend.  It was because she had compressed time, and for when she was actually on screen, she seemed sweet.  Her death, was extremely heartbreaking and brutal, and all that she was trying to help her people.  I am not going into depth about how she died, because it is graphic, but I felt like it wasn’t her time just yet.  No doubt that Bellamy will have a very strong reaction to this, and will probably do drastic measures.



1.  The Return Of Becho And Echo’s Betrayal

I always thought that Bellamy and Echo worked well together, and how they saved each others’ lives in the harvest chamber was the textbook of love.  Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, but to me, it sure seemed like it.  No doubt that my heart did a little fluttering when they met again.  The real twist here is that the Summit was a carefully calculated plan devised by the Ice Nation Queen so that Mt. Weather would be imploded.   Echo had betrayed Bellamy, but was she just following orders?  After all, she did save him  and Octavia by getting them out of Mt. Weather so that they would not be anywhere near it when it blew.  Like I said prior, Echo is not a monster, and I refuse to believe that she is evil.  Well, we just have to see what becomes of this.




There you go! The top five ‘OMG‘ moments of Ye Who Enter Here.  What were your moments?  Tweet at Grounders Source or leave a comment below!

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