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As we all pretty much know, October 24th will be Eliza Taylor’s 26th birthday!  To celebrate, we fans are going to do something extra special for her, just to show how much we love and appreciate her.  Here is what you can do to contribute:

∞ Send her a personal birthday wish and/or favorite photo of her or you can make fan art that is either hand drawn or digital.  Mine will be included of course, but I am stepping aside and have your talent and love shine.

∞ I will Photoshop everyone’s pieces to make a unique birthday card.  The final product will be posted on the site, uploaded in the gallery, Tweeted to Eliza, and posted on my Tumblr, as well as the Grounders Source Instagram.  You can save the card too as we all worked our hearts off to make it!

∞  All photos and wishes must be emailed at grounderspodcast@gmail.com under the subject, Eliza’s Project no later than Friday, October 23rd.  This is so I can make it and put it together that night and have it ready by Saturday.

∞  There is going to be a hashtag regarding this and it is #Elizasproject.  I am trying to keep it as secretive as possible, so she can be surprised.  Only use it if you have a question.


I believe that is it!  I cannot wait to see everyone’s amazingness!  Make sure that you watermark your artwork in the lower right hand corner, so there won’t be any theft.  Trust me, long ago I had some valuable concert photos stolen from me because I didn’t put my name on them, so now I know how important it is to credit your work.

Again, thank you for all of your love, and fantastic help! ♥


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