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You tweeted and ‘tumbled’ the top ten ‘saddest scenes’ of The 100, and here they are!  Now, there are an unlimited heartbreaking pieces, and I wish I could list them all.  But, here they are!  They are in no particular order as fans can draw up their own emotions. 

top105The visit of Wells Jaha and Chancellor Jaha

‘Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live.’ We lost Wells in season one, and ever since then, Chancellor Jaha became a broken man.  He was about to give up his mission of to going to Earth, when Jaha seen the vision of his son, Wells.  He did not give his son, a proper ‘good-bye,’ but was able to when shown up in hallucination form.  When you deeply grieve for somebody, your heart and mind will never be the same. Wells gave him the encouragement and drive that was needed to aide the rest of their people.  Yet, I burst into tears when I seen this father and son reunion.  Such a beautiful and lifting moment.  Wells, may you rest in peace.

top108 The Betrayal of Lexa

‘I made this choice with my head and not my heart.’ My oh, my!  Talk about being a deceitful little B!  (Keeping this PG formatted) The Grounder Commander and our Sky Princess made an alliance deal that will benefit both of their people.  They would have worked together to save everyone from the wraiths of the Mountain Men and Cage Wallace.  However, it didn’t go down like that.  After accepting a bargain from Cage and his father, Dante, Lexa freed the rest of her people.  I get that you are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, but I think once you made a mutual agreement, you should keep it.  She left Clarke in tears and confusion, and in the dark.  Now, she had to re-figure a method to get her people back, and the end became something that she herself would never thought she would do.


Raven’s ‘Live’ Surgery

‘In Zero G I didn’t need my legs, down here I do.’ After learning that without the complicated and aesthetic free operation, Raven will lose the mobility and function of her legs, where they are needed down on the ground.  In case that you did not know (I don’t want spoil anything.), Raven was shot in the back by one her own people in season one.  However, with the surgery itself being so high risked, there is possibility that Raven would not survive it.  She is blood curdling SCREAMING throughout her surgery (in which was a success, but left nerve damage in her left leg) and it just shatters your heart.


Clarke Pulling The Lever 

‘You can’t save everyone.’  Towards the end of the season one, we seen Bellamy and Finn fighting with their lives with Grounders.  Yet, while the brutality rose, Miller urged Clarke to get everyone into the dropship.  To keep the Grounders out, and for the ‘barbecue‘ to work, Clarke had to pull down the lever.  Of course, Bellamy and Finn are not in the ship.  They are still outside, and when the blast began, Clarke didn’t know if they made it or not.  A few scenes later, she is looking down at the skeletal remains with a crestfallen face.  We still don’t know if the boys are alive or dead, but hang on to that strong faith.  I sure needed it!


Bellamy’s and Octavia’s Departure

I told you that my life ended when you born.  Truth is, it didn’t start until then.’  There is nothing more sadder than saying ‘good-bye‘ to your family, no matter your life’s path.  It is even more sad when your older brother practically raised you from birth, watches over you, than he has to let go because he knows it will be the best thing for you.   As hard as it may be.  When Octavia was pierced with a toxic arrow, Bellamy gave her his blessing to leave with Lincoln.  It was the best thing for her survival.  It was tear jerking to see them depart, because you may never know if you will see them again.


The Passing of Vera Kane

‘Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground.’  When a deadly explosion erupts during the Unity Day Pageant, Kane’s mother was critically injured.  Abby Griffin gives Kane ‘the sign,’ an expression of which she silently told him that it was her time.  Before Vera took her last breath, Kane recites “The Traveller’s Blessing’ in tears to his mother as she wanted it as a good bye gift prior to the bombings.  She never got to see her only son and child make his journey to the ground.  Nor hers.


The Mercy Execution of Finn Collins

‘Thanks, Princess.’  Finn, always trying to be the noble peacemaker, has done the polar opposite.  For those who do not know or haven’t seen it, I suggest that you do because I am iron-clad when it comes to major spoilers.  Now, as punishment for his  severe PTSD outbreak, Finn is endure an excruciating death from the Grounders.  The very thought of having to go through something like this, well there is a mind blockage.  To prevent the pain and suffering, and the public witnessing, his true love Clarke ended his life with a simple quick stab.  🙁 For the whole month hiatus, I was in denial.  Call it grief, call it nonacceptance, but I just can’t deal with loss and death very well, until it hits me like a fast paced train.  Still grieving for Finn.


Clarke’s Grief

‘What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days.’  Okay, honestly if I had done the merciful thing like Clarke had, I would not live with myself.  I just could not.  Clarke desperately wipes off Finn’s blood from her hands, shaking and sobbing throughout the process.  Her grief hits her like a thousand lightening bolts, if not more.  However, I am going to praise how wonderful Eliza Taylor played out the whole scene with such depth and emotion.  It cannot be easy to do that, and believe it or not, Finn’s death and this scene took the longest to take, due to the emotional power it possessed. After that, Clarke went through an emotional roller coaster ride.



Together: The Irradiation Of Level Five 

‘I tried. I tried to be the good guy.’  What Clarke and Bellamy had to do to save the rest of their people!  The irradiation of level five is surely one of the most depressing scenes of The 100.  Mountain People cannot take the radiation outdoors because of less exposure to solar radiation. So, the solution to that problem is to withdraw bone marrow and blood (In a dangerous way) from the Arkers and Grounders and inject them into their own systems. Well, the action that Bellamy Clarke done left five hundred souls lost, and Clarke beyond in hysterics and grief.  It really should not have come down to this;  if Cage only listened!  Well, I guess that all of our friends are okay at this point.  When you truly love your family, you are willing to do whatever it takes or the sacrifices that may be unfavourable.


Clarke’s Tearful Good-Bye To Bellamy

‘If you want forgiveness, I’ll give that to you.  You’re forgiven.  Please, come inside.’ Who can ever forget the painful ‘au revoir’ between our ‘Rebel King’ and ‘Princess?’  Clarke simply couldn’t uphold with the guilt and travesty of Mount Weather, so she left Camp Jaha with a heavy heart.  Before she turned her back and stepped into the foreboding, she gave Bellamy, whom was on the brink of tears, a hug and a kiss on his cheek.  He tried his hardest to coax Clarke to stay, but she simply could not.  I have a feeling that the two will meet again.  Yet, who knows who or what Clarke will cross paths with on her solo journey?

There you have it!  The top ten saddest scenes of The 100.  You can arrange them numerically in your own pattern.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  Thank you everyone who shared their views!

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