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The 100 Casts Three New Recurring Members

by Evelyn Ulrich

If there is any more reason to get excited for the upcoming season three, here is another to add to the fire.  Over the weekend and at Comic Con 2015, it has been announced via Twitter that three actors landed recurring roles of Grounders and Guard.  Yeah, pretty exciting stuff!  I shall now begin the introductions.


Michael Beach

Michael Beach will portray ARK Guard, Pike, who believes in a staunch, tight , and regiment order.  He sets the highest bar when it comes to being the Guard, and along with that comes the charisma.  He is sure to bring lots of new drama to the chaotic pool.

Neil Sandilands

Neil Sandilands will play the role of Grounder Titus, who is a reflection of the ‘Ye Old Guard.’  Nothing will obstacle his way to protect and preserve the existence of his people, and to seal his own fate.  This sounds all too familiar, but in a good way.

Zach McGowen

‘Black Sails’ actor, Zach McGowan will be alongside Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) as the rogue Grounder, Roan, who is manipulative and will not stop at nothing until he fulfills his wants.  Is this a possibility for a new ship?  ‘Roarke?’ Oops, I said too much!

There you have it! Welcome to The 100 family boys!  One piece of advice: Do not kill anyone, and do not die!

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