The Chosen

In preparation for tonight’s new episode of The 100,  titled The Chosen, here are three sneaks that will hopefully ease the waiting suspense.  In the first one, Octavia and Indra share a conversation about leadership.  Clarke and Abby say their good-byes as Clarke and a colleague are about to leave to rescue a friend, and last but not least, Clarke and crew speak about the difficult choice of eliminating a large chunk of her people.  Enjoy the sneak peeks below!  *The following videos will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


Sneak Peek One

Sneak Peek Two

Sneak Peek Three

I have an intense fear that the outcomes will be grim.  Very grim.  Also, this episode #412, the second to the premiere next week.  The 100 The Chosen will air tonight on the CW.

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