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The 100 Season Four Finale Promo Photos

The 100 Season Four Finale

The 100 season four finale, titled Praimfaya, is the Wednesday, and it is hard to believe that is is here already.  It has been an emotionally driven season, with earthly consequences and how the focus was surviving another nuclear apocalypse.   Friends and enemies perished, love became stronger, and the ultimate test of truth and strength is yet to be passed.  How will our heroes, and the ones we question come out of the fiery horizon?  We they rise above all odds, or become the ash of despair?  Until we can grasp it, here are photos from Praimfaya to get you prepared.  Please note that they are both in MQ and HQ formats.  *The photos will have inanimate spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*

The 100 Season Four Finale, Praimfaya Promo Photos

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The 100 Season Four Finale

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The 100 Season Four Finale, Praimfaya will air this Wednesday on the CW.

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