Christopher Larkin

The 100 Christopher Larkin Releases New Solo Album

Christopher Larkin is known for his uncompromised role and characterization of Monty Green, the young engineer on The 100.  A fan favorite since the beginning, Monty has gone through some dark and harsh times on the post-apocalyptic series, and will probably go through even more harsh times in the upcoming season five, premiering in early 2018.

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Dragon Con 2015

Dracon15 For those who are attending the 2015  Dragon Con September 4th to September 7th (this upcoming weekend) in Atlanta, GA, be sure that you check out Bob Morley’s, Richard Harmon’s, and Christopher Larkin’s sessions.  Be sure to take fan photos and email at and tweet @GroundersSource so they can added to the gallery (Credit is GIVEN).  Below are the time schedules and topics:

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