Grounders Source is a 100% “safe place” that The 100 fans and visitors can interact and browse without the negativity.  However, things can get out of hand and therefore, unwanted problems can arise.  To prevent this, here is the official Grounders Source Policy Guide to give people an idea of how the website is “friendly-fueled.”  Ugh, that is cheesy, but just read on.



  • All visitors have the right to fully express their feelings and perspectives but must be respectful of others viewing theirs.
  • No bashing of others and posting bigotry and demeaning material.  This includes any sexuality orientation phobias, racism, objectification of bodies, religion-based, disability and handicap offensive terms, sexism, and others.  Think about what you post; if it does not sound right, then chances are it isn’t.
  • No harming of others.  If I see this, then I will banish your accounts/IP’s from the site.
  • Stay on topic, and don’t derail from it.
  • No “sock puppet” accounts.  These are multiple accounts of one person so that they can give strength to their hatred and arguments.  If this happens, then they will be banned.
  • Be kind!

Comments with such insipid material will be filtered or deleted if it is really harmful.  Please note that Grounders Source has a right to do this to keep the site safe and resourceful.


Sharing Policies


Visitors and fans can share to their heart’s content by using the social media buttons located throughout the site.  If you choose not to use the buttons but use the photos or snippets from written content, then you must link back to the site.  Reposting of anything is not allowed.