The 100 Con-Geda

The 100 Con-Geda First Confirmed Guests

This week has been chock filled with contagious  Con-Geda news!  First, the Kickstarter was launched and backers have been pledging like crazy!  Then, the official dates, June 22-24th, 2018 were released.  And now, Con-Geda has their first confirmed guests!  I will give you a couple of clues of who they will be!  The first guest appeared in season one and two; they were loved by the fandom, characters, and cast; they held some pretty memorial scenes; they’re gone, but not forgotten.  The second appeared in seasons three and four; was fierce and true to their values; they wanted a world of peace, but felt that it betrayed them.  Give up?  Well, you can see who they are below!

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The 100 Sizzler Reel

While there was not any new material shown at The 100 Comic Con panel Friday, the fans were shown a sizzler reel that contained pivotal footage of the past three seasons.  Those past three seasons, The 100 managed to kill off and conquered their enemies, won wars, and trying to figure out the right things for everyone.  But now, comes an enemy that cannot be fought, cannot be forgiven, and will change everyone’s course of life forever.  All that people can do is pray and hope.  But, will hope be enough?

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The 100 Top 10: Saddest Scenes

You tweeted and ‘tumbled’ the top ten ‘saddest scenes’ of The 100, and here they are!  Now, there are an unlimited heartbreaking pieces, and I wish I could list them all.  But, here they are!  They are in no particular order as fans can draw up their own emotions.  Read more about The 100 Top 10: Saddest Scenes