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Gallery Update!

I have added a multitude of photos during the past two days, including some exclusive TV Choice scans donated by the very lovely PaigeTurcoFans on Twitter!  Included in this group are: Lindsey Morgan’s photoshoot and article for Most Fitness Magazine Additional US TV Guide, People, and Entertainment Weekly scans 26 tagged HQ Devon Bostick photos from the […]

Rothenberg Spoils Possible Character Death in S3

  Oh, who is still weeping over the mercy killing of Finn? *Raises hand* Jason Rothenberg, the mastermind of the fan-acclaimed series, The 100 has bombed us with yet another season three spoiler.  Now, truth be told here that I personally believe that any spoiler, good or dangerous, ruins the element of surprise.  With that […]

Dragon Con 2015 Update

For those who are attending Dragon Con 2015 in Atlanta,  Bobby had to cancel his Friday and Saturday appearances due to his work schedule.   I have been there,  and understand,  but no fears, he will be still going to his panels scheduled for Sunday and Monday.  Richard Harmon,  Christopher Larkin,  and now,  added to […]

The 100 Creator Tweets New Season Three Promotional Still

On Wednesday, September 2nd, The 100 executive producer, Jason Rothenberg released a brand new The 100 Season Three promotional photo through Twitter (Rothenberg’s Twitter).  The photo is of the show’s main female protagonist, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) in war paint and golden braids.

Alycia Debnam-Carey on Jimmy Kimmel Live August 27th, 2015

For The 100 fans outside the US who didn’t get the privilege of seeing Alycia on Kimmel, and fans who want to relive her precious segment, I have uploaded Alycia’s interview.  Is she not one of the most adorable Aussies?  Enjoy, and as a bonus, I have also added the video of Alycia meeting and […]

Dragon Con 2015

 For those who are attending the 2015  Dragon Con September 4th to September 7th (this upcoming weekend) in Atlanta, GA, be sure that you check out Bob Morley’s, Richard Harmon’s, and Christopher Larkin’s sessions.  Be sure to take fan photos and email at and tweet @GroundersSource so they can added to the gallery (Credit […]

The 100 Top 10: Saddest Scenes

You tweeted and ‘tumbled’ the top ten ‘saddest scenes’ of The 100, and here they are!  Now, there are an unlimited heartbreaking pieces, and I wish I could list them all.  But, here they are!  They are in no particular order as fans can draw up their own emotions. 

The Ice Nation Reveals Its Queen

The Ice Nation Reveals Its Queen

It looks like that the Ice Nation, one of the twelve Grounder Clans will embrace their Queen in the upcoming season three of The 100.  The Ice Nation has been thrown around productively throughout season two, and this particular group seems to be the more ‘malicious.’  As if the Grounders cannot achieve that even more. […]

New Gallery Updates

New Gallery Updates

During the past week, I’ve been vigorously uploading photos to the photo gallery. I have added the following albums: Eliza Taylor for Regard and Bello Magazines.  They are two separate albums. Marie Avgeropolous for Bello Magazine Alycia Debnam-Carey for Fear the Walking Dead. The 100 Social Media Promotion Christopher Larkin for The Wrap. A multitude […]