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Alycia Debnam-Carey on Jimmy Kimmel Live August 27th, 2015

For The 100 fans outside the US who didn’t get the privilege of seeing Alycia on Kimmel, and fans who want to relive her precious segment, I have uploaded Alycia’s interview.  Is she not one of the most adorable Aussies?  Enjoy, and as a bonus, I have also added the video of Alycia meeting and […]

Dragon Con 2015

 For those who are attending the 2015  Dragon Con September 4th to September 7th (this upcoming weekend) in Atlanta, GA, be sure that you check out Bob Morley’s, Richard Harmon’s, and Christopher Larkin’s sessions.  Be sure to take fan photos and email at and tweet @GroundersSource so they can added to the gallery (Credit […]

The 100 Top 10: Saddest Scenes

You tweeted and ‘tumbled’ the top ten ‘saddest scenes’ of The 100, and here they are!  Now, there are an unlimited heartbreaking pieces, and I wish I could list them all.  But, here they are!  They are in no particular order as fans can draw up their own emotions. 

The Ice Nation Reveals Its Queen

The Ice Nation Reveals Its Queen

It looks like that the Ice Nation, one of the twelve Grounder Clans will embrace their Queen in the upcoming season three of The 100.  The Ice Nation has been thrown around productively throughout season two, and this particular group seems to be the more ‘malicious.’  As if the Grounders cannot achieve that even more. […]

Gallery Update and Fan Frenzy Zone Coming Soon!

Gallery Update and Fan Frenzy Zone Coming Soon!

Just a quick update that I have uploaded several photos this week (never ending) in the gallery!  I made the decision to add social media pictures to add for those who do not have access to them *ahem* my mother for example. 😛 I did ask if it was alright to use them, of course, […]

Bob Morley Backstage At The 2015 Teen Choice Awards

Even though that The 100 did not win a surfboard for Choice Sci-fi show, and Bobby Morley and Eliza Taylor didn’t get one either for Choice Sci-fi Actor and Actress, they will always be heroes to us fans.  Besides, award shows are always rigged, and I just felt bad that precious time was lost.  However, […]

The 100 Top 10

From Thursday, August 13 to Sunday, August 16, fans will tweet or post via Tumblr what they the thought what was the most ‘saddest’ scene for them.  It can be from any of the two seasons, and there is a whole world of sad scenes in the show.  Read more for the simple guidelines.

2015 Teen Choice Awards

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure that we need to tune in to the 2015 Teen Choice Awards to see if The 100 will pick up a ‘surfboard’ award for best science fiction drama, along with The 100 leaders, Eliza Taylor, and Bob Morley.  Now, nominees are based off fans’ votes through […]