The 100

The 100 Hiatus Survival Tips: What To Do Until S5

So, we are in the fifth month of The 100 hiatus, a long and excruciating time break (Nine months) between the fourth season finale and fifth premiere, and we are slowly losing our well-organized minds.   We are active on social media, trying to make the time go quicker.  But sometimes, that simply is not enough.  Alas, though, there are other fun and unique ways to survive.  Want to learn the tips?  Well, continue below!

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Blake Siblings

Will The Blake Siblings Be Broken In Season 5?

One of the more gripping narratives of The 100 are the Blake siblings.  As we all know, Octavia was born illegally as a second child in a populace-restricted ARK, and because of this, Aurora Blake (Bellamy’s and Octavia’s mother) was floated.  Despite the scandal, the Blakes are the prime definition of family. Bellamy may have had bumps in the road watching out for his sister, but that is pretty much a  given when it comes to raising kids.  Yet, the Blakes survived the harshest of situations with or without the other.  The last time bro and sis saw one another was when they were on the radio in the fourth season finale.  With six full years surpassed, the narrative will take on a shifting course between the two.

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The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign

The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign

One of the most inspiring things about The 100 (Why haven’t you watched it yet?) is how the different characteristics of the people do not affect their means of survival.  Everyone could be a victim and the very thought of it shakes us to the core.  It’s not always the most positive, or the most preferred.  Yet, another inspiration from The 100 is the tremendous amount of awareness from the fandom and the cast that is both derived from the series and their personal aspects.  The themes of the series circulate things in everyday life but are often shadowed.  Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, mental illness, PTSD, disability, LGBT, addiction, and environment all need to be brought into the light.  The more that we learn, educate, experience, and make aware of these issues, the more help, fundamentals, and resources they will receive.  Not only is it essential in our present lives, but for the future as well.

Grounders Source is proud to announce its first ever charity project that will raise awareness for disabilities.  The project, appropriately named, “The Hope And Battle Scars Campaign” is influenced and inspired by the disabled characters on The 100, and by the Grounders Source runner, who was born with a rare disability.

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The 100

Women Rule The World On The 100

When it comes to real-life scenarios, the fight for all things freedom and survival, and the journey not only to find a connection with others but among themselves, The 100 is strongly known for that.  Since its beginning, however, it also provided strong female leads and adjoining, breaking barriers that were often given to men several years ago, and still, continues to do just that.  This is vital as women struggle to find their voice and embodiment, but in the new age, we are successfully succeeding.   There is a major slew of characters that we can learn and inspire by, and find a purpose to avail.

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The 100 Praimfaya

The 100 Praimfaya Recap-Review

I know it has been nearly two months since The 100 Praimfaya, the fourth season finale, but the episode is still making waves.  And that is a good thing.  I have finally completed my long-awaited review of the piece, and you can read it below!  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*

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The 100 Season 5

The 100 Season 5: The Big Questions

It has been 2.5 weeks since The 100 aired the spectacular and well-orchestrated season four finale.  With each raw and revealing scene, it became a symbol for life as it was a time bomb to survival.  Praimfaya was the episode that defined and represented of what a season finale should be.  It dared itself on a whole new level of viewership and integrated our minds quite sharply.This is the correct formula of great television.  Even though it was out of this world (pun intended), the finale-like all its predecessors gave us some probing questions of what to look for and what will be the narrative for the next season.  Here are my questions for The 100 season 5.

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In Memorial: We Honor The 100 Lost

Memorial Day:  A holiday in which we honor and express gratitude for the veterans and heroes of the international Armed Forces.  While technically it is celebrated in the United States, I simply could not leave out the other continents who served as well.  Thus, the word “international.”  Sadly, many of these soldiers come home with great mental distress, physical impairment, emotional detachment, and never see a sunrise again.  Many go through a war of their own, having to cope with the ongoing nightmares and challenges following their experiences in battle.  Fortunately, there is hope and there is help for them to heal.  While several men, women, and children receive the tools and support, the battle scars are always going to be carved deep within, some become lost.  In honor of Memorial Day, which is this week, Grounders Source is remembering those who were lost in the battles on The 100.

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The 100 The Other Side

The 100 The Other Side Recap-Review

The Other Side was filled with emotional turmoils and flutters as our heroes continue to grasp between life and death.  With each new episode, along with the old, The 100 never fails to teach us just how precious life is, and what may become if we let thing fall.  Here is my recap-review of The 100 The Other Side.  *The following piece will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*

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