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The Top 5 OMGs From Gimme Shelter

The Top 5 OMGs From Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter not only provided shelter from the black rain, but it was also a personal shelter for the characters’ emotions.  Yet, some opened up and shared some secrets we never knew.  I have chosen the moments that best described both.  Here are the Top 5 OMG’s from the episode.  *The following article will contain […]

Grounders Source 5K Christmas Giveaway

Grounders Source is doing a special and sweet The 100 Christmas giveaway if Grounders Source reaches 5K followers on Twitter by Christmas night. How can you help? Mention Grounders Source on Twitter & spread the word about it. Share what Grounders Source is about.  It’s not just a fan site, but a place to share the love […]