First and foremost, I am deeply apologetic for the lack of updates.  I have been having trouble with my Xfinity Wifi, as they done a recent maintenance fix, and that somehow corrupted my own connections.  Why this is, I have not the slightest.  As of right now, I am writing on my tablet that has its own wifi, but it is not as progressive as my computer.  But, as ong as I am on, I should not have a complaint.  Further more,  I am always updating the site, providing the best information and media as possible.  Not only that Grounders Source is my job, it is one of my biggest passions.  


To make up for the error, Bobby Morley done an interview with Access Hollyhood after the Wonder Con panel, discussing his character Bellamy Blake on The 100.  I will have the videos with Jason and Eliza as soon as my wifi conflict is resolved.  Until then, please enjot the interview below!


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