The 100 Season 5

New Sequences From The 100 Season 5 Opening

With The 100 season 5 premiere still two and a half months away, it has been a dry spell with any new updates about it.  GRATEFULLY, (I do mean that in all bold caps) executive producer Jason Rothenberg has been tweeting full-heartedly behind-the-scenes photos, trailer caps, and reassuring patience for the hardcore The 100 fandom.  And today,  was such an example.

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Con-Geda 2018

Con-Geda 2018 Updates Announcement

It has been a while since Grounders Source shared any Con-Geda 2018 news, but now we have some very exciting updates.  Not only has End of the World Events booked another great guest, but they also have gotten two of The 100‘s writers!  Having the writers at Con-Geda is a special opportunity for the fanbase, as it will offer insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.  Additionally, the wonderful planners at EOTW Events have put together a special cast event that fans won’t want to miss out on.  Continue reading to find out what the announcements are and to learn more details about the convention, taking place in June.

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Unity Days

Unity Days 2018 Finale Wrap-Up

The ever-popular The 100 convention, Unity Days, held January 19th-21st (second and final (?) one) held in Vancouver, BC was an absolute success.  Fans from all the pinpoints of  the globe attended the event to hang out with fifteen The 100 stars, explore the unique on-set props, engage in panels, and hopefully gain spoilers for the upcoming season 5.  There was also the Cancer Gets Lost silent auction  (second year) Friday evening prior the guests’ festivities.  The tables were filled with beautiful fan art, cast donated items, and official merchandise from The 100.  The auction itself raised close to an astounding $11,000 ($10,854 USD) for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of the Cancer Gets Lost founder, Jo Garfein’s mother-in-law who passed away one month ago from stage-four pancreatic cancer after a courageous battle.

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The 100 Season 5

Stand Together: New Promo For The 100 Season 5

The premiere date for The 100 season 5 was revealed yesterday (April 24th) at the CW TCA press panel.  Today, a new promotional photo for the new season has been debuted on The 100‘s official Twitter account.  In my opinion-it’s quite revolutionary.  It embodies a sense of a major conflict that is going to be overpowered and cleared.   Something that all the past promotional images and posters had in common, and is not foreign to The 100.

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The 100

The 100 Season 5: Why The Wait?

Without a doubt, The 100 has proved itself time and time again to be one of the most successful shows on television.  It pushes the brink of traditional narratives to deliver a  powerful and potent message.   It has several and meaningful messages-but it all strips down to one-survival. The 100 just does not only entertains its dedicated fanbase and its viewers but creates an electrifying brainstorm to synchronize with its plot.  That staple is what makes the drama unique, and sets it apart from others.  But with the 2018 new year now in force, the fifth season is set to premiere-but when?

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Mike Dupod

Mike Dupod Cast As Villain For The 100 Season 5

When it comes to villains, The 100 has created some very multi-faceted and dimensional ones.  Who can forget Cage Wallace, who done some merciless deeds inside Mt. Weather? Or Charles Pike, the man who acted purely on vengeance?  Now, the people will have a new villain to be concerned about in the upcoming season five.  Canadian actor Mike Dupod will be joining the bad-guy line.

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